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Homeopathy and Western medicine. anemone


In UK there is currently a lot of scepticism about homeopathy from certain doctors and journalists. Elsewhere in Europe and the world it is widely used and accepted by doctors and patients alike.

As I see it, most healing techniques, orthodox and complementary, work, in part, by supporting you and your body while you heal yourself. Allowing time and given the appropriate conditions you can heal from many traumas and illnesses. This is worth remembering in our search for better health.

In Western medicine some drugs, such as antibiotics, and surgery, can be PART of providing conditions which allow the body to heal. More deep seated disease is kept controlled by medication and other proceedures when healing seems to be unlikely.

Then again sometimes these initially helpful treatments can get in the way of deeper healing.

The challenge for all of us - both the therapists and those experiencing the illness - is to find our way through this paradox. Experience in both systems of care help me to negotiate this with you.

Homeopathy and Western medicine. flowerbutterfly


Homeopathy enhances your healing ability in ways unique to you. The word Homeopathy means "similar suffering" and works on the principle of 'Let like be cured by like'. This means that remedies that create symptoms in a healthy person are used to cure the same symptoms in an ill person. For example coffee can keep you awake so for some people homeopathic coffea will help them to sleep.
For more details explaining this go to Faculty of Homeopathy web site at


This is a gentle touch therapy (fully clothed) which allows a deep relaxation in mind and body.
In a more peaceful state the body can direct attention to what is needed and allow changes to occur.
Although originally discovered by osteopaths it is now also used by other therapists.

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